January 4, 2011

Paterno blocks Rob Bolden's transfer (updated w/Bolden comments)

Rob Bolden runs for 17 yards
Rob Bolden won't be going anywhere... for now. (Photo: LBU/Mike)
Will this be one of those kinds of off-seasons? It sure is shaping up to be. Joe Paterno has reportedly denied Rob Bolden's request for a release from his scholarship, which would allow him to transfer out of the program. Via Ron Musselman:
"I don't know the reason why, they just said they wouldn't release him," Williams said from her home in suburban Detroit.

"I don't agree with it and Rob doesn't agree with it," Bolden's father said.

Asked what their next move would be, he said: "We're going to try and sort that out now."
So for now, this matter is paused. We can rest nearly assured, however, that it's not at all over. Did Joe Paterno actually tell Bolden that he has to finish out his Penn State career? Or is this one of those moments where Joe tells one of his players to cool his heels for a while? I don't pretend to know. One thing I do know, is that Bolden's mom seems to have a much different view of her son's situation than he or his father hold. We saw some of that earlier today, but again, Rob's mom reiterated that she does want her son to finish at Penn State:
Williams said she is happy her son was denied his release, but worries about his future at Penn State.

"I didn't want Rob to leave," Williams said. "I think he should stay there. I just told him that I thought he was making the wrong decision. I really felt that he moved just a little bit too quick and too fast."
This whole thing will either come to an abrupt end really soon, or end up dragging out for a really long time. I'm hoping it's the former.

Update: Rob Bolden and his father both have apparently spoken to the press.

Rob himself:
Q: What were the deciding factors for you to transfer? Was it the Outback Bowl, or was it before?:

A: It's not just the Outback Bowl. It was before that. After the point I got hurt and I wasn't around to do anything, as far as getting back on the field at all for the next six or seven games, I was already thinking about leaving.

Q: Do you feel like the coaching staff lied to you in any way or do you feel like they were being honest with you?:

A: I don't think they were being honest, I don't think they lied. I think they kind of like avoided the whole situation, with me talking to Jay week to week, trying to see what's up with me getting back on the field. He kind of told me the same thing that he told me today, so I've just been hearing the same stories for a while now.
Rob's Father:
Q: Did Joe explain why he wouldn't grant the release?:

A: He doesn't wish to release him. He made it clear that he's not in a position quarterback-wise to release Rob, nor does he want Rob to go.

Q: Did he make it seem like his decision is final, or does he want Rob to stick around for a while and think about it?:

A: He wants him to stay and go through the spring and kind of go from there.

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  1. if he leaves penn state, where does he plan on going????????

  2. they can't seem to take into consideration that he has to grow up first and know that there is someone a little better than he is at QB. Accept the fact daddy-O and explain it to your son. Maybe you both need to grow up

  3. Bolden may not be the best QB but he has no future at PSU and this incident certainly won't help recruiting. An 84 year old man has no business coaching or anything else. Bolden is better off leaving and seeking his chances elsewhere. If I were a young recruit with a lot of options, PSU or Pitt would be the last options.